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Custom Module


The Custom module allows you to create Module content using a WYSIWYG editor. It is great for simple messages, optionally with images.

Create the Custom module

Use one of the following methods:

  • Select the Modules item from the Home Dashboard. Or...
  • Select the Content / Site Modules from the Administrator menu.
  • Select the Custom item from the Modules (Site) list.

This will create the new module and open the module for configuration.

Configuring the Module

For standard usage of the module there are just a few settings:

Title: Enter a name for the module.

Module Content Type in content as you would for an article.

Title Show/Hide: Choose whether or not to show the title by toggling to Show or hide.

Position: Set a position where you want to display the module on the front end. Positions are dictated by your template. This example uses Joomla’s Cassiopeia template Sidebar Right position.

Status: By default, the module status is Published. Other options are Unpublished and Trashed.

Start Publishing: You can schedule the start of publishing of the module.

Finish Publishing: You can schedule when to stop publishing the module.

Access: If you want to control who can see the module on the frontend you can choose an access level.

Ordering: Used to control where the module displays within the position you have selected. For example, you may have a number of modules in the sidebar and want this one to be at the top or bottom – or somewhere between others in the sidebar. It can be a little confusing at first as the field shows a numbered position and a module name. The name can be a module that is unpublished. The thing to remember is that the lowest number will be at the top and highest number is at the bottom.

Note: Can be helpful to use the note field if for example you are using the same module type in several places.

Menu Assignment Tab

By default the module will be published On all pages.

Alternatively you can choose via a drop down list No pages, Only on the pages selected or On all pages except those selected. The last two options provide you with a menu tree of the menus used on the website where you can select/deselect pages.


The Options tab allows you to set a background image for the module.

The Advanced tab has settings related to layout of the module when it is output.

The Permissions tab allows you to control what user groups can do with the module.

Publishing the Module

When you are ready, select the Save & Close button.

The module will be published in the sidebar of the website and display whatever text you entered.

Custom Module Example