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Subform Field


The Subform Field allows a selection of fields to be grouped together in a repeatable list.

Field Creation

First create the fields needed in the subform. In the example described here there is a Calendar field (Acquisition Date), a Text field (Price) and a Color field (Flower Colour) to be used for a list of several specimens.

Bug: There is a bug in the Calendar field code that leads to a fatal error when saving an article a second time. To avoid this problem set the Calendar field Show Time value to Yes.

Special options for this field:

  • Title and Label In this example these are set to Specimens.
  • Fields Add the fields required in the subform one by one. Each row has a dropdown list of available field and a Render Values Yes/No toggle. The item order can be changed with the drag icon.

Subform creation

Data Entry

In the data entry form you need to add rows for each specimen. Each row contains a Calendar field, a Text field and Colour field.

Subform data entry

Data Display

In the Article, the subform entitled Specimens has one row for each specimen. Look for the Specimens item in this screenshot:

Display of all fields