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Introduction to Jdocmanual

About Jdocmanual

Jdocmanual is a Joomla component designed to display articles organised for convenience with an Index to all articles at the left, the selected article content in the centre and a list of headings in the article to the right. Each collection of articles constitutes a Manual, of which there can be any number.

The content of each article is stored in Markdown format. Four Joomla Manuals are available for demonstration purposes: Joomla User Manual, Joomla Developer Manual, Joomla Help Screens and Joomla Documenter Manual. The content of the articles came from the Joomla Documentation site Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 articles. They can be displayed in any language for which a translation is available.

The Manual View

Jdocmanual has a default Manual view for the Administrator and a Site view using the same code. This is the Administrator view:

manual view

Manual and Language Selection

Select Manual: The list of manuals available is kept in a database table with standard list and edit views.

Index Language: The index to the left can be displayed in a different language from the content to the right. This is useful for problem solving and checking on the translation status of articles. It does not require a Multilingual site!

Page Language: If the article is NOT available in the selected language it will be displayed in English. The index title link will be in English. At the moment there are 8 languages available but few articles have been translated.

Actions: There is an option to Toogle Joomla Menu to hide or show the left Administrator menu so the full screen width can be used for article display. There is also an option to Update HTML of the current Manual from the Markdown source. That is related to how data is processed and stored for delivery to the end user.

Try it: