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Problem Images

After upload you may have realised there is a problem with an uploaded image. Common problems include:

  • The image is much too big.
  • The interesting part of an image is in a small area.
  • The image is rotated through 90 degrees.

These are the problems that the Media component is designed to handle.

As an example, the following image of a cake stand is much too big at 1200 by 1600 pixels and 268 kilobytes, it is too tall for the article and was rotated 90 degrees on upload. It has been rotated back to normal and now needs to be cropped and resized.

media crop resize rotate


The crop tool allows you to drag to define a crop area. This is a little tricky: click and drag to start, then grab and drag the corners or top or bottom or either side. You can set an aspect ratio or None as you see fit. You can drag the inside of the box you have defined to move it to centre your subject. You may also manually adjust the X- and Y-Axis offsets and the width and height.

The quality selector indicates how much compression should be applied. Too much and the image size in bytes will be too big. Too little and the display quality of the image will be poor.

Bug Warning!

At the moment the Quality control is not working. This results in a modified image being larger than it needs to be, sometimes much larger than the original!

When satisfied, select the Save button in the Toolbar.

The newly cropped image will be saved. There is no Undo! In the Crop view the crop box and values in the crop fields will be wrong (a bug?) but the crop is done, so move on.


The image in this example is still too big at 1070 pixels square. It is also large at 453 kilobytes. 800 pixels should be sufficient for the intended use.

Setting the width to 800 pixels also sets height to 800 pixels to maintain aspect ratio. That gives a file size of 292 kilobytes, which is still large. Bringing the width down to 640 brings the file size down to 213 kilobytes.


Select the Rotate tab and the appropriate angle.

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