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Guided Tours


Guided Tours are designed to give complete newcomers to Joomla a very brief introduction to the steps an Administrator follows to perform everyday tasks such as creation of Articles and Categories, Menu Items and so on.

There are a number of built-in tours and the Welcome to Joomla! tour starts automatically the very first time a user logs in to the Administrator interface.

Guided Tours Welcome

List of Tours

The Tours are listed in a drop down menu in the Title bar of dashboard and list screens, as in the following illustration:

Guided Tours

The complete list includes the following:

  • Guided Tours
    • How to create a guided tour?
    • How to add steps to a guided tour?
  • Home Dashboard
    • Welcome to Joomla!
  • Articles
    • How to create articles?
  • Categories
    • How to create categories?
  • Menus
    • How to create menus?
  • Tags
    • How to create tags?
  • Banners
    • How to create banners?
  • Contacts
    • How to create contacts?
  • News Feeds
    • How to enter a news feed?
  • Smart Search
    • How to create smart search filters?
  • Users
    • How to create users?

More Tours may be added in the future. And you can create your own tours for your own components and/or customeres.

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