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Accessibility Checker

System - Joomla Accessibility Checker

This is a core plugin that can be used to check accessibility whilst creating article content. The following screenshot shows some plugin settings:

Plugin form settings

With the Show Always option set to On the report icon appears on every page of the site. That is useful for development but should never be left on for a live site. Set it to Off!

With the Show Always option set to On each site page has an icon at the bottom right with a count of the number of issues. The following screenshot shows the icon selected to show a panel of information. It includes a Page Outline, Readability comments and Warnings, which can be selected one by one. The first issue has been selected.

Site accessibility check

The Articles: Edit form has an Accessibikity Check button in the Toolbar. It shows the check for an individual article in a popup window:

Editor accessibility check

Fixing Problems

The Accessibility Checker is a tool to identify problems. It does not correct problems. That is up to you. The checker has some settings you can toggle On/Off as required. They include Contrast, Form Labels, Links (Advanced) AAA, Readability AAA, Dark Mode and Colour Filter with simulation of four types of faulty colour vision.

For more information see the Sa11y Overview

For example, on Readability, it says:

Sa11y can estimate the readability score from all paragraphs and list content. A good readability score is an indication that your writing is understandable and easy to digest. It is based on the average length of sentences and words on your page, using a formula known as the Flesch reading-ease test (Wikipedia). A "good" reading score is between 60 and 100. Sometimes it may be difficult to achieve a good readability score. Most of your pages may say "difficult". Remember that this feature is only used to estimate the readability of your content. It should only be used as a reference, and not an indication of conformance. Sa11y calculates the readability score based on all paragraph (<p> tags) and list content (<li> tags). A low score does not affect the pass or fail state of Sa11y.