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About Banners

Web banners, also called banner ads, are a common form of advertising on the web. Like real-world banners, they are usually displayed with a high aspect-ratio: narrow and tall or short and wide. Their purpose is to link back to the advertisers' websites to generate income for the hosting site.

Banners may be simple text and images. Or they may be multimedia objects designed to play animations and sounds to attract attention.

In banner terminology:

  • Impressions refer to the number of times the banner has been displayed.
  • Click-throughs refer to the number of times that users have clicked on the displayed banners.

The content provider on whose page the banner is displayed receives a small payment for each Impression and a more substantial payment for each Click-through. Often, the payments are used to cover the cost of running the host site.

If banners are too attention-grabbing, users become annoyed with them and employ an ad-blocker to prevent the display of banners.

More information

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  • On banners in general: Wikipedia: Web banner.