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Add menu link in an article


Joomla! allows you to add your articles to a menu without leaving the article itself. This feature provides an efficient way to speed up the process of publishing articles by removing the need to close articles to then go to the Menu Manager.

This tutorial covers the steps to add a menu item directly when an article is edited:

Edit an Article

Edit your article by:

  • Go to Content  Articles and select an existing article to edit it or
  • Create a new article using the New button in the Toolbar.

Adding the Article to a Menu

Once you are ready to save your changes, select Save to Menu from the Save & Close dropdown list.

Article edit page save to menu button

You will then be presented with the Menu: New Item page. Joomla will fill the Menu Title field but you can change it. Menu Item Type will already be set to Single Article. Remember to choose the correct Menu on the right for your item to appear in it.

Note: This tutorial covers adding a single article to a menu but you can also assign multiple articles to a Category Blog page by setting a specific category or sub-category.

form for a new menu item

Click Save&Close and you will be taken to the Menus: Items page for the menu you added the article to.

You should now see the article in the list of menu items.

Menu Items list