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Restrict Access to "Read more"

If you create a new menu item of Category Blog or Featured Articles types, a set of Intro texts with Read More links will be displayed on that page. By clicking on the Read More link you will get to the full article view. It can be useful to restrict access to the full article view to registered visitors and leave just the intro texts readable for public viewers. To restrict access to full article view, proceed as follows:

Restricting access to Articles individually

  • Select Articles From the Home Dashboard Site Panel. Or...
  • Select Content → Articles from the Administrator menu. Then...
  • Find and select the article you want to schedule.
  • Set the Access Level for the article with a Read More link to Registered.
  • Select Save & Close in the Toolbar.

Open the Category Blog or Featured Articles menu item.

  • In the Options tab, set Unauthorized Links to Yes.
  • Select Save & Close in the Toolbar.

Restricting access to Articles Globally

  • Set your Category(ies) to view level Public, otherwise menu items for the category will not be visible to users that are not logged in.
  • Set the article(s) in your Category(ies) to view level Registered - select articles and use the Batch button.
  • Go to Content → Articles → Options
  • Set Unauthorised Links to Yes If set to Yes, links to registered content will be shown even if you are not logged-in. You will need to log in to access the full item.

Optional: Toggle the value for 'Intro Text'

  • Hide - hides the intro text when the full article is displayed.
  • Show - displays the intro text above the main text when the article is displayed.

These options can be overridden by the corresponding menu settings or by Article settings if the menu settings are set to use the article settings.

Note: Text in an Article without a Read More is treated as all Intro text. If you have an Article that is supposed to be restricted to Registered users only but does not have a Read More then the whole article will be visible to all users. So add a Read More to the article!