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Changing User's Groups

Group Inheritance

Group lists use an inheritance pattern. For example, a user in the Author group inherits all of the privileges of the Registered group and gains some extra privileges. Likewise, a user in the Editor group inherits all of the privilages of the Author group and gains some more extra privileges. The backend groups inherit the highest privilege level in the frontend.

For this reason you only need to select one group for an individual user - the group with most privileges.


You can change a user's group by following these steps. You must log in as an Administrator or a Super User to be able to change a user's groups. Also, an Administrator cannot make himself or others a Super User.

  1. From the Home Dashboard select the Users item. Or...
  2. From the User menu item select Users and then Manage.
  3. Find the required user in the list of users. You can search on name, username, email or id: prefix.
  4. Select the name of the user to edit.
  5. Select the Assigned User Groups tab.
  6. Select whichever group a user needs to belong to.
  7. Select Save.

Access Control List (ACL) for Joomla

The following lists the Access Control List (ACL) for Joomla. The user group is listed, and the bullets below describe the permissions associated with that group.

Frontend Groups


  • View public site and public articles


  • Guest Group privileges
  • View registered articles
  • No access to items restricted to Guest Group


  • Registered Group privileges
  • Create new articles
  • Edit articles they own
  • View special content


  • Author Group privileges
  • Edit all articles, including unpublished ones


  • Editor Group privileges
  • Publish articles

Backend Groups

These groups allow you to log into the Administrator via the /administrator URL.


  • Publisher Group privileges
  • Access Administrator Backend


  • Manager Group privileges
  • Create new users
  • Install extensions

Super User

  • Administrator privileges
  • Change site template
  • Change global configuration