Joomla 4/5 User Manual

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Web page diagnostic tools

Many browsers can act as platforms for diagnostic tools. You can analyze Web pages built with any version of Joomla by using them. These browser tools have many built-in features such as a DOM Inspector, JavaScript Debugger, Network Inspector, Resources Inspector, Storage Inspector, Profiler, Error Log, Remote Debugging, etc. These tools make it easier to see and debug exactly what is being processed by a browser when rendering a web page.

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Internet Explorer Web Browser

Note Full support for Internet Explorer was discontinued on June 15, 2022.

  • MSIE 8+, press Shift+F12 or click the Developer Tools icon in the command bar
  • DebugBar (MSIE 5 - 11, free for personal use)
  • Users of Office XP and later may also install the Script Debugger via Office Setup. (The debugger is not installed by default.)
  • See also Microsoft's Tools for Debugging Web Applications and Add-Ons

Opera Web Browser

Opera has a built-in diagnostic tool. See Streamline development with developer tools

Safari Web Browser

  • Apple Safari Apple MacOSX Microsoft Windows)
  • Apple MacOSX WebKit: Linux)