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The Smart Search component has five layout files that you can override to produce a layout to your own liking. To initiate the process from the Administrator menu:

  • Select System / Site Templates / Cassiopeia Details and Files.
  • Select the Create Overrides tab.
  • From the Components panel select com_finder.
  • Select the Search item
  • From the Editor panel select html / com_finder / search to see the list of override files created.

These files will not be affected by Joomla updates but you may be reminded to check them if the original sources are updates

The Search View (Default Layout)

The default layout search view is divided into several parts: the default layout, the form layout, the results layout and the sorting layout.

The default layout (default.php)

This layout is very simple. It just defines the structure in which the search form and the search results are displayed. This layout is also responsible for loading the default CSS stylesheet for Smart Search which is located in media/com_finder/css/finder.css, so you might want to alter that to load your own CSS rules for Smart Search.

The form layout (default_form.php)

This layout defines the code required for the search form to operate correctly. The layout uses JavaScript code so you need to take care to preserve selectors that should not be altered unless you know what you are doing.

The view method getFields includes a number of hidden fields that are required for reliable searching. The search term is defined by the input field with the name of "q".

The results layout (default_results.php)

This layout produces the list of matching results for the search term. It also handles pagination and loads a layouts for each individual search result.

The result layout (default_result.php)

This is the layout loaded to display a single result.

The sorting layout (default_sorting.php)

This item is only present if Show Sort Fields is set to Yes and one or more Additional Sort Fields are selected in the Menu Item Advanced tab.