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Security filters for articles

If you have a Joomla! website where people you do not know, and therefore cannot trust, are able to post articles, consider adding an Editing Filter available in Joomla! to help reduce the chance someone could submit data that could harm your website.

The safest way to allow people you do not know to submit articles to your website is to follow these steps:

1. Do not allow unknown persons more than Author access.

Q. How do I verify the access my website allows?

A. Go to Administrator  Global Configuration  Site to review your User Settings.

  • If you do not want others to get an account on your site, select No for Allow User Registration.
  • If you are willing to allow people to submit an article, then select Yes for Allow User Registration and then select Author for New User Registration Type.
  • Press Save, when complete.

2. Select the strongest filtering Joomla! offers.

Q. How do I set Joomla! filters for Articles?

A. Go to Administrator  Content  Article Manager  Parameters.

  • Scroll down on the dialog box to Filtering Options. Select Author.
  • Select No HTML for Filter Type.
  • Press Save.

By using these options available in Joomla!, you can ensure that unknown persons will not send data that can harm your database.

As usual, the very best way--and only real assurance--is to protect your website with backups. Don't go without.

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