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Summary of cookie use on a Joomla! site

Cookies are small files that a websites stores on your local computer to hold information about your interaction with that site. For example, Joomla uses a session cookie to save information on what you have done on the site during this current visit, perhaps what pages you have visited and whether you have logged in.

Features such as Remember me use cookies that last longer than your session in order to save your login information. Some Joomla extensions may create their own cookies.

Notifying users of cookie use

Whether for legal or other reasons, webmasters may wish to notify site visitors about the use of cookies. This can be done in a number of ways which are up to webmasters to implement as appropriate for their sites.

Some possible methods are:

  • Include a summary of cookie use in a site's privacy policy.
  • Include a statement of cookie use in a site's terms of service.
  • Use a custom html module to display information about cookies.
  • If using the Remember Me option for login, use the message field in the login module and login layout to inform visitors that this feature uses a cookie.