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Using RSS Feeds To Share Content

Use RSS Feeds to Share Content

Some search engines allow you to submit feeds to them for use in their search functions, and many people use an RSS feed reader to be notified when websites they are interested in post new content. This is a powerful way for sites that regularly update their content to get traffic to their new items. This procedure will explain how to create feeds for pages within your site, be it static or not.

In the Joomla Administrator, under the advanced parameters for a dynamic page (e.g. category blog view) menu item, make sure that the Show a feed link item is set to Show.

View the site in the Frontend, then right click and select View source. Search the source for feed, and you'll find the RSS feed link to that page.

For dynamic pages where the content is changing regularly, it is useful to show an icon to allow visitors to add that page to their feed readers.

Note You should have SEF enabled for this to work well.