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Module Positions


Template module positions are defined in a templateDetails.xml file and used in a template index.php file. Several modules may be assigned to a single position so there is rarely any need to create more positions. If you do want more positions you will need create your own template and that is not covered here.

Preview Module Positions

There is a template option that allows you to see module locations in Site and Administrator templates, including positions which have no assigned modules. To enable this feature:

  • Select System  Site Templates from the Administrator menu.
  • Select the Options button from the Toolbar.
  • In the Template: Options form set Preview Module Positions to Enabled.
  • Save and Close

To view module positions you need to append either ?tp=1 or &tp=1 to the url.

  • If the url does not contain a question mark then append ?tp=1.
  • If the url already contains a question mark then append &tp=1.

Atum Administrator Template Positions

templates atum template positions

Cassiopeia Site Template Positions

templates cassiopeia template positions

You may also find this module position diagram helpful:

Template Positions

Production Sites

Remember to change the Preview Module Positions to Disabled on productions sites.