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Module Display by Menu Item


In Joomla it is often the case that different modules appear on different pages. And sometimes different modules are presented to different user groups. Module display behaviour is controlled by a combination of Menu Assignment and Access permission in the module edit form. By default, a module is displayed on all pages and to all user groups.


This field is in the Module tab of the module data entry form. It is in the right-hand panel and should not be confused with the Permissions tab. The options available are:

  • Public - visible to all user groups.
  • Guest - not visible after login.
  • Registered - only visible after login.
  • Special - only visible after login to user groups other than Registered.
  • Super User - visible only to this user group.

Menu Assignment

There are four menu assignment options:

  • On all pages
  • No pages
  • Only on the pages selected
  • On all pages except those selected

For the last two a Menu Selection panel is displayed. Initially, the menus it contains are fully expanded but they can be collapsed with the the Expand the Menu Subtrees None button. Then expand the menu of interest.

module menu assignment

Select the Menu Items to display or not display the module as desired.


Breadcrumbs Not on Home Page

  • Open the Breadcrumbs module.
  • Select On all pages except those selected
  • Select the None after Assign to Menu Items
  • Find the Home page menu item and check its checkbox.
  • Save
  • Check the site - breadcrumbs should be present on all pages except the Home page.