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Updating Joomla (Update Method)

This is the recommend method of updating a Joomla CMS website.

Not only is this the recommended method, it is the easiest method of updating the Joomla CMS. Sometimes this method is referred to as a One click update. If you are unable to use this method because of specific use cases (distributions, languages, host speed), you can update the Joomla CMS using the install method.

This method is suitable for

  • All Joomla CMS 3.x.x to 3.x.x - updates (maintenance update)

This method is not suitable for

How to Update

Do you need to update your Joomla installation? If an update is available there will be a message indicating an update with a button to press.


You will also see a notice in the 'left sidebar' at the bottom.


Joomla will notify you on your Administrator home page (control panel) when an update is available. It will not automatically do the update for you. It is the responsibility of the administrator to start and verify the update was successful.

The following are the recommended steps needed to complete an update to your Joomla CMS installation.

Step 1: Backup

Make sure you have a CURRENT BACKUP of your site! In many cases, your host will make periodic site backups. DO NOT rely on these backups! It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED you preform your own backup.

Step 2: The Update Component

You will need to navigate to the update component. Click the update 'button' or the 'sidebar link' previously shown above or use the main menu, select and click Components  Joomla! Update. You will now see the below image.


Select, 'Write files directly' (default) or 'Write files using FTP' as the method of uploading the new core files to your installation. Did you backup? See Step 1 above.

Step 3: Start the Update

Click the "Install the Update" button and the updating will begin.


When the update has completed, you will see a success notice with the new version.


When the update has completed you may need to empty your browser cache to adjust for any template CSS changes.

Joomla Update Configurations

In most cases you will not have to change these settings. The default choices make sure your Joomla CMS installation is always being checked against the correct update server and the appropriate person with administrator access can update the installation.

The options screen is reached by clicking the 'options' button on the main Joomla! Update screen. Once you click the 'options' button, you will see the following image.


Setting Update Server

The update notice you will see on the home administrator depends on the setting of the Update Server and caching.


The first option shows the latest update of the major release in use (default). The second option shows the latest update of the latest major. Caching may cause not detecting an available update and you must purge the cache.