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Menu Positions

Menu Module Positions

A menu is positioned on a page via a menu module. To view all of your menu modules and their positions:

  • Select Content  Site Modules from the Administrator menu.
  • Filter by Menu type as in the following illustration:

modules list

For reference, the Cassiopeia template has the following positions:

Template Positions

To Change a Position

From the Modules (Site) list:

  • Select the title of the menu module you wish to move.
  • In the Modules: Menu edit form select the position you wish to use. The following illustration shows a menu module being moved from sidebar-left to sidebar-right:

menu positions move

  • Select Save from the Toolbar.
  • View the site to check the result.

Menu Layout

If you move a menu module from a side position to a top position, or vice-versa, you may wish to change the layout too.

  • Default layout, often used for side menus, has all items visible but with child items indented.
  • Dropdown layout, often used for top menus, has the parent items visible with child items available via drop-down lists.
  • To change the layout:
    • Select the Advanced tab.
    • From the Layout drop-down list select the appropriate option.
    • Select Save & Close from the Toolbar.
  • View the site to check the result.