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Menu Item Types

About Menu Item Types

Menu item types are defined in each component that has site views. The Joomla core has about 10 such components, each with several views giving a total of over 30 types. The following screenshot shows the components with menu item types. Each component expands on selection to display a list of types defined by that component:

menu item type select


  • Archived Articles: Display all archived articles.
  • Category Blog: Displays article introductions in a single or multi-column layout.
  • Category List: Displays a list of articles in a category.
  • Create Article: Create a new article.
  • Featured Articles: Show all featured articles from one or multiple categories in a single or multi-column layout.
  • List All Categories in an Article Category Tree: Shows a list of all categories in the selected article category tree.
  • Single Article: Display a single article.


  • Display Template Options: Displays template parameter options if the template allows this.
  • Site Configuration Options: Displays global site configuration options.


  • Create Contact: Create a new contact.
  • Featured Contacts: This view lists the featured contacts.
  • List All Categories in a Contact Category Tree: Shows a list of categories within a contact category tree.
  • List Contacts in a Category: This view lists the contacts in a category.
  • Single Contact: This links to the contact information for one contact.

News Feeds

  • List All Categories in a News Feed Category Tree: Shows a list of all categories in the selected news feed category tree.
  • List News Feeds in a Category: Show all news feeds within a category.
  • Single News Feed: Show a single news feed.


  • Confirm Request: Displays a form to confirm an information request.
  • Create Request: Displays a form to submit an information request.
  • Extend Consent: Displays a form to extend the privacy consent

Smart Search

  • Search: The default search layout.

System Links

  • Menu Heading: A heading for the parent of submenu items.
  • Menu Item Alias: Create an alias to another menu item.
  • Separator: A separator with or without a text label, useful to separate items within a menu.
  • URL: An external or internal URL.


  • Compact List of Tagged Items: List of items that have been tagged with the selected tags.
  • List All Tags: This links to a detailed list of all tags.
  • Tagged Items: This links to a list of items with specific tags.


  • Edit User Profile: Edit a user profile.
  • Login Form: Displays a login form.
  • Logout: Direct logout and redirect to page.
  • Password Reset: Displays a request to reset password.
  • Registration Form: Displays a registration form.
  • User Profile: Displays a user profile.
  • Username Reminder Request: Displays a username reminder request.


  • Iframe Wrapper: Displays a URL in an iframe.