Joomla 4/5 User Manual

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Installing Joomla on a local web server

Note: This tutorial is targeted at a non-expert audience. If you need detailed and advanced information, go to the Developers page.


The first thing to do is to verify that your web server meets the Joomla Technical Requirements,.

If you are not a technical person, confirm that Joomla is compatible with the server by contacting the support section of your hosting company.

If you are computer-savvy and you have a local web server using XAMP, LAMPP etc. in your personal computer, you can be 99% sure that Joomla will run just fine on it.

Installation on Rented Servers

There are several ways to install Joomla on a rented web server but the methods and procedures vary depending on the server configurations and limitations. For example, some web service providers give you the option to do a "one click install". Press a button and your provider runs a script to install a copy of Joomla in your rented web server. If you have hard time finding this option, contact support staff of your server provider.

Caution: some providers may have a one click installation option but they will install an old Joomla version.