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How do you restrict directory access by IP address using htaccess?


This can be an effective way to protect your Joomla! Administrator directory. Any other directory in public_html can be protected in the same way. This method only works if you have a static IP address assigned to you. Anyone attempting to browse such directories using a different IP Address will get a 403 Forbidden error.


  1. In the directory you wish to protect, open (or create) an .htaccess file. (Note the dot at the beginning of the file name.)
  2. Add the following code to this file, replacing in this example with the static IP address you plan to allow: Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from
  • Optional: You can enter partial IP Addresses, such as, 100.100.100. This allows access to a range of addresses.
  • Optional: You can add multiple addresses by separating them with commas.,

If comma separation does not work, enter each IP address (or partial address) on its own Allow from line, such as:

Allow from
Allow from

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