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Checkboxes Field


The checkboxes field provides one or more checkboxes to be selected in an article. Boxes that are checked appear in the output as a comma separated list. In the example that follows checkboxes are used to indicate methods of plant propogation, which may be one or more of Seed, Cutting or Graft.

Field Creation

  • The Label is based on the Title and appears in the output before the list of selected values
  • Checkboxes are added one at a time, each with Text and Value. The Text appears in the output. The value is used in the data entry form and each must be different.


Data Entry

This is just a matter of selecting the items that should appear in the output.

Checkbox Selection

Fields only appear in an article if populated in the article data entry form.

Data Display

The following Site screenshot shows the field displayed in an article. The option Automatic display is responsible for the position of the field and your template is responsible for the design of the field.

Look for the Propogation item.

Display of all fields