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Calendar Field


The Calendar field provides a text box for entry of a date. An icon next to the text box invokes a pop-up calendar picker, which can be used to select a date from a graphical calendar.

Field Creation

Common field parameters are described in a separate article.

  • Title You may have several date fields in an article so care is needed in setting the title to avoid ambiguity in the output.
  • Label This is what is displayed in the output. If left empty it is set from the content of the Title field but can be changed.
  • Show Time If set to Yes the time is added to the date field, the date picker and the output date. Caution: Even if you do not specify the time in the default date, the time is displayed when the option Show time is active.
  • Placeholder May be set to a date format such as YYYY-MM-DD to remind users of the format required and/or a reminder of what the date is for, such as Date of arrival.

Data Entry

In use the Calendar field is simple. You can type in the date in the required format or select a date using the date picker. Care is needed in typing dates. An error in the date is corrected on save to a new date. For example, a date of 2024-14-02 is corrected to 2025-02-02.

The following screebshot shows an Acquisition date:

acquisition date entry

Fields only appear in an article if populated in the article data entry form.

Data Display

The following Site screenshot shows the field displayed in an article. The option Automatic display is responsible for the position of the field and your template is responsible for the design of the field.

Look for the Acquisition Date item.

Display of all fields

The date formats are localized using language strings.