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How to place a copy of an Excel worksheet on to your web site for viewing only

Thanks to: imanickam for suggesting this approach

  1. Open up your Excel Workbook. Mine is Schedule.xls
  2. Highlight the part you want displayed on your site. Give that range a name. (I named mine HTM)
  3. Save the workbook.
  4. Save the workbook again as a Web Page (Name your file, Select the range, Select Publish )
  5. I created a folder on my server named HTML
  6. Upload your web page to the folder you create. (Mine is Schedule.htm)

Open Joomla Backend

  1. Create a new Menu Item
  2. Select the Wrapper Type
  3. Name the Menu and on the right enter the URL for your htm file.
  4. Hint: File name is Case Sensitive. You may have to change the Width Parameter.
  5. Save and Publish the menu.
  6. Preview your site and you should be able to see your Excel Sheet.

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