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Blog and Featured Article Layouts

These layouts usually show the article title and a fragment of text as a taster for the full article. The user can choose to see the complete article either by selection of a title link or by selection of a Read More button. Each of these items can be disabled or enabled in the Articles: Options form.

Articles: Options

To set appropriate Article Options:

  • Select Content → Articles from the Administrator menu.
  • Select the Options button from the Toolbar.
  • Set Linked Titles to Yes to use Titles as links. Or set to No to rely on the Read More button only
  • Set "Read More" Link to Show to use a Read More button. Or set Hide to rely on the Title link only.
  • Set Read More with Title to Show. Or set Hide to show Read More without a title.
  • Set Read More Limit (characters) to a suitable number (the default is 100). This is the number of characters appearing in the Read More button after the words Read More:.
  • Save and check the result in your site view.

You might wish to experiment with these settings to find a suitable combination.

Articles: Edit

For individual articles you can change the Read More: text. For example, you could shorten it to Read On: or More::

  • Select Content → Articles from the Administrator menu.
  • Select the article you wish to edit.
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Scroll down to the Read More Text field and enter your new wording.
  • Save and check the result in your site view.

Language Override

If you wish to change the default wording of the Read more button, proceed as follows:

  • Select System → Manage panel → Language Overrides.
  • Select English (United Kingdom) - Site for the Select Language and Client list.
  • Select the New button.
  • In the Languages: Edit Override form enter Read more in Search Text box and Value in the Search For box.
  • Select Search
  • Oh dear! It turns out that Read more is used in many different places with slight differences.
  • Select the item that says JGLOBAL_READ_MORE_TITLE with Read more: %s as the value. It will be copied to the Create a New Override part of the form.
  • Change the wording of the text but make sure to keep the %s part as that is the Title placeholder.
  • Save and check your site view. All of the Read more buttons should have the override wording except any articles where the wording was set in the Article itself.

Some of the other places where Read More is used occur in modules and news feeds. You may wish to change some of them or all of them!